Overseas projects

Overseas projects supported by the church

As a church, we regularly send money to provide practical help to people in other countries. Over the past few years, these have included:





Orphans in India

Indian Government statistics estimate that 11 million children work and sleep on the streets every day in India. The Metropolitan Mission seeks to care for orphans and needy children in their community. They have done this by establishing a children’s home and primary school which is now caring for over 300 children. Growing up in the children’s home has given these children the opportunity to further their education with a significant proportion of them going on to college or university courses, something before they would never have dreamed of.

One of the biggest challenges for the children’s home is the procurement of rice for the children. 1000 bags of rice, each weighing 75kg is needed every year. In addition to this there are all the other costs of electricity and other necessities.

Caring for the underprivileged in the Philippines

Christian Compassion Ministries is a charity that seeks to help those who are desperately underprivileged. It has two main focuses to its work:

1) The Community Development programme helps with the education of many homeless children, as well as those living in the slums. Medical and legal aid is also given and children are assigned a full time social worker that helps liaise with the school and their family as well as monitoring and supporting the child.

Children in the Educational Assistance Program are provided with a school uniform, shoes, clothes for sports lessons, a school bag, notebooks and other school materials. Help is also given for special school projects as well as a small monthly allowance.

Giving children the opportunity to go to school brings with it the possibility of escaping the poverty into which they were born. Parents are also helped through Livelihood Projects, which seek to increase the income of families so they can eventually become self-supporting.

2) Christian Compassion Ministries runs six homes that care for a total of up to 68 children. These children have either been neglected, abused and/orphaned. The homes offer a safe Christian environment, where the children feel accepted. Through the generosity of sponsors, CCM is able to provide for the daily needs of the children such as food, clothing and medical care. All the school needs of the child are also catered for

Widows in Nigeria

The death of a loved one is always a hard experience, but in countries where there is great poverty, the death of a husband in a family living in a rural community can make survival extremely difficult. Through trusted Christians in the area, we have been able to provide financial support to widows and their families in Nigeria.

Tala Project, Kenya

Tala Projects are the vision of Robert and Rose Gitau. They are located about two hours East of Nairobi, Kenya, in Tala. They have started a boarding primary school which is also the home for many orphans, a boarding high school, have an orphanage at their home, operate a medical clinic, and have drilled a borehole well that provides water to the surrounding villagers. They operate many micro-finance projects in order to provide self-sustaining support such as a greenhouse, Tilapia fishpond, beehives, and a tractor to plow local farms.