Who we are


A warm welcome to Wilstead Evangelical Church. We are a family-friendly church that believes the Bible and seeks to serve our local community. We’re made up of people of all ages from a variety of backgrounds.

We would love to welcome you to our Sunday services (11am and 6:30pm). These are open to anyone, whatever your background or beliefs. Our aim is to explain what the Bible says in a clear and helpful way.

There’s lots more going on too. If you live in Wilstead, you should receive an invitation to our popular Carols in the village hall through your door each Christmas. And you may well have seen our October half term Holiday Bible Club advertised. (To find out more see Special events.)

Church is a group of people, not a building or set of activities. Why not find out more about how knowing Jesus Christ has changed the lives of people from our church? (See Real lives.)



A bit about our history

Our church was first founded over 100 years ago, when several people from the village began meeting together in Cotton End Road. In 1894 they bought the land where our current building still stands and built the Wilstead Mission Hall (as it was known). Older Wilstead residents who grew up in the village may remember the old galvanised metal building behind the butcher’s shop.

1954 saw the old metal walls replaced with brick, and the church has since been renamed Wilstead Evangelical Church. The Sunday School has been running for many decades, and seen many faces over the years. As a church, we’ve grown in size, but our emphasis is still the same: sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with young, old and anyone in between!

What does 'evangelical' mean?

The word ‘Evangelical’ may seem unusual, but it is included in the name of our church for two important reasons:

  • It comes from the word ‘evangel’ meaning ‘good news’ – and that’s exactly what the Christian message is all about. The Bible’s teaches that we can be forgiven by God for all our wrong and receive eternal life, through the Lord Jesus Christ and what He did on the cross. It is a gift from God, not something we can earn ourselves by being a good person or being religious. This message is key to everything we do as a church. (To find out more, see Big questions.)
  • Over time, the word ‘evangelical’ has been adopted by people who believe that the Bible is God’s Word – true, reliable and life-changing in its message. We have the same high view of the Bible and want to identify with all those who have stood for this throughout history.