Sunday services

Family service, 11am

Our family service is the ideal place to find out more about what the Bible teaches. Everyone is very welcome, whatever their background or beliefs. You’ll find a mix of about 60-80 people of all ages.

The service usually lasts just over an hour. It includes singing, prayer, a Bible reading and a talk, where the speaker’s aim is to explain the Bible’s message in a clear, warm and relevant way.

We have a number of children in the church and the service includes a section specifically for them. Children are very welcome to stay in the main service throughout – please don’t feel embarrassed if they make a noise, we’re used to it!

There is also a crèche in the back room (accessed via the side door), where young children can enjoy a Bible story, craft activity and snack.

People stay around after the service for tea and coffee – and usually some are still here talking an hour later! We try to look out for any visitors and make them feel at home.

We meet at 141 Cotton End Road – for a map, please see Directions.



Guest services

Every so often our Sunday morning service is in Wilstead village hall (see Directions for how to get there). On these occasions we address life’s big questions and common things people ask about the Bible, such as:

  • ‘Why doesn’t God stop the suffering?’
  • ‘Has science buried God?’
  • ‘Hasn’t religion caused more wars than anything else?’
  • ‘Eat, drink and be merry… or is there more to life?’

You are very welcome to join us at these services, and we hope you’ll find answers to your questions. Please visit Special events to find out more about the next guest service.



Sunday evening service, 6:30pm

Our evening service is another opportunity to learn more from the Bible together, and anyone is welcome to join us.