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7:30pm Thursday 21st December
Wilstead Village Hall

Come and enjoy singing traditional carols, with a short talk on the hope of Christmas, and stay for mince pies afterwards

Peace in earth: Is it just a dream?

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There’s not much peace in the world right now, just look at all the wars. And although we’re not at war in our country, we can hardly say there is peace in our society.

Maybe the dream of peace can be found closer to home, in our own families? Sadly, though, for lots of families, Christmas highlights difficult family relationships.

Should we keep the dream small and look for peace within ourselves? Well, even here, we don’t find the answer – none of us is really completely happy with who we are. We all have regrets and longings for something better.

So what is the ‘peace’ that the Christmas carols talk about? Is it just sentimental fluff? Before you write off ‘peace’ as just a dream, have a closer look at the Christmas story.

‘Peace’ in the Christmas carols isn’t just a vague hope, it’s centred in a person – Jesus. It’s not a peace we can produce, it’s a peace that Jesus gives. And it’s not papering over the cracks, it goes to the heart of the problem – our broken relationship with God.

To deal with any serious conflict, we have to address the wrongs that have been done – just shaking hands and pretending everything’s fine won’t solve it. The same is true with God. It’s easy to see selfishness, jealousy and pride in other people, but they’re in our lives as well. These things need dealing with if we want to have peace with God.

In the old carol Hark the herald angels sing is the line ‘Peace on earth and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled’. But how can this happen? This is exactly why Jesus came!

God does something unique. He’s the one who’s been wronged, and we’re the ones who have done wrong – yet Jesus offers to pay for the wrong on our behalf, as if he were the one that has committed it. That’s what he was doing when he died on the cross. He loves you so much, he would rather die for you than judge you.

And so the good news about Christmas is that because of that baby in Bethlehem all those years ago, you can enjoy forgiveness and true peace with God when you turn from your sin and entrust your whole life to him. Heaven isn’t a reward for people who try their best, it’s a gift to people who realise they don’t deserve it.

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